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Curing body pain with Ayurveda

by Dr Vaid Ji on Nov 13, 2023

Curing body pain with Ayurveda

Introduction: Winter season is at its peak and vata dosha is aggravated that causes body pains in every other individual. Body Pain is called as Angmarda in Ayurveda. It is a symptom of various diseases such as fever etc. It is define as an unpleasant sensation affecting the body. Overworking, physical sensation, lesser nutrients in diet, winter and rainy season may be responsible for Angmarda or body pain. It can be relieved by treating underlying condition or  disease.

Reasons for body pain:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (Amavata)
  • Osteoarthritis (sandhivata)
  • Fever (jwara)
  • Iron deficiency anemia (vataj pandu)
  • Prolonged cough (khasyaja kasa)
  • Vitiation of rasa dhatu

Ayurvedic management of body pain:

  • Snehana or Abyanga: Massaging body with warm medicated oil infused with herb that pacifies aggravated vata dosha. It is the best therapy for pain and it also reduces stiffness and also improves blood circulation..


  • Swedana: Swedana therapy is basically induced sweating. It relieves stiffness, coldness, heaviness in the body. It pacifies excessive vata dosha.


  • Basti (medicated enema): When there is aggravated vata, basti is the best therapy in Ayurveda. In this therapy medicated decoction or oil is administered through anal route. This removes accumulated vata inside the body that causes pain.
  • Raktamokshana (blood-letting): It is the process of removing impure blood that causes imbalance in vata and pitta which causes pain in diseases like gout, headache.

Herbs for Body pain:

  • Eranda: Ricinus communis or castor is considered to be one of the best Vatahar dravya. It acts on nervous, digestive, female reproductive system. It relieves pain and reduces inflammation. It is known as king of “Vata disoders”.


  • Bala (sida cordifolia): Bala word signifies strength. It is a potent pain reliever, rejuvenator, nervine tonic and a very good pain reliever. It pacifies vata dosha and treats painful conditions like arthritis, chronic inflammation, sciatica which can be the root cause of body pains.


  • Brihati Brihati affects the respiratory, circulatory and urinary systems. It is a very useful herb in chronic fever that may lead to body pain. In addition to this it is potent in management of chest pain , pain due to respiratory origin, cough and mucus production.


  • Yastimadhu: Also known as mulethi acts on digestive, nervous, respiratory and reproductive system. It helps in managing general weakness, inflammation, body and abdominal pain. It detoxifies the body and treats all the vata disorders that cause pain.
  • Guggul (Comiphora mukul): Guggul is widely used in Ayurveda practice since it is the best anti-inflammatory agent. Pain is one of the feature of inflammation. There are many guggul preparations like triphala guggul, kaishoor guggul, rasanadi guggul etc.