DrVaidJi's 4th Generation Ayurveda

DrVaidJi  is a product of experience and commitment  of the Vaidya family towards Ayurveda for over 4 generations. The practice was started by Vaidya Gurbachan Singh Ji who was the 1st generation of family who started practicing Ayurveda under the name of SewaDawaKhana 131 years back. He was the  Raj Vaidya of SANT ISHAR SINGH JI (RARA SAHIB, GURUDWARA SAHIB) founder. Then thereafter  the ancient practice of ayurveda has been in the vaidya family since 4 generations. Further this same tradition of Ayurvedic practice was inherited by his son and then his grandson Dr.VaidyaJagjit Singh Ji. It's our honor to share that he received many awards and rewards in field of Ayurveda for his excellence in treating many chronic and difficult disorders. He received State Award from Punjab Government for his excellence in practicing Ayurveda. It was first time any Ayurveda Practitioner received this honor in field of Ayurveda. Further he received life time achievement award in Ayurveda, Prancharya award by government of Delhi for his expertise in practicing Ayurveda. The practice eventually grew with time and led to the formation of Chandigarh Ayurveda Centre where over the years we have treated over 20 lakh patients and still counting. We wanted to share our love and reverence for Ayurveda through are thoughtfully crafted products at a even bigger platform, hence the creation of Dr.VaidJi . Here, we have created a platform to provide you with the best quality herbal extract based medicines worldwide. We hope you can benefit from our efforts and also from ayurveda...

Ayurveda in Today's Age

With an increasing focus on well-being and fitness, we understand the importance it plays in your life. DrVaidji, with its Ayurvedic products, is here to accompany you on your journey to good health with the help of premium quality herbal extract based medicines.

Why choose DrVaidJi?

  • Authentic ayurveda with best quality herbal extracts
  • Formulated under the guidance of MD experts
  • 131+ years of experience in the field of Ayurveda practice
  • Tested for heavy metals
  • Good results in less time
  • Safe for long term use

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