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Benefits of Comfert Tablet

  • Chronic constipation
  • Symptoms of acidity
  • Indigestion
  • Colic pain
  • Reduces bloating
Dosage– 1 tablet morning and evening or as directed by physicians.
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Product description


Dr.Vaid Ji Comfert tablet keeps the stomach clean and removes constipation. Ayurveda states that if the stomach is not clean, then in a way, it is responsible for many diseases. So according to that, stomach cleansing is a medicine that prevents a lot of diseases. Till now you know that the important benefit of this medicine is to remove the constipation with the use of easy clean, we also get relief from gas problems. If someone has problems with gas, then the head is usually heavier than that. So the use of stomach protection gives relief from gas problem.

It's consumption might help reduce the risk of gastric ulcers, hyperacidity and gastrointestinal tract-related problems due to its antiulcer activity.

It helps improve the liver function and digestive function.

It has laxative effect thus helps stool to pass easily.

It contains stimulant laxative which means when a person takes it, it stimulates the bowel to move more.

Herbs In Comfert tablet




Other ingredients: Senna

How To Use - Comfert Tablet



1-1 Tablet twice a day



Consume with normal water


Time Duration

Take half an hour after food

For Best Result: Use Daily.
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
feel relaxed after taking it

i feel relaxed after taking this product i will continue it further and recommend it to others also.

great medicine

i must say this product was a good and right decision to buy as it has helped me for bloating issue and indigestion.I m happy with the product .i definietly recommend it those who need it and are suffering from gut problem

anita chaudhary

I have tried countless remedies for my ongoing digestive issues, but none have been as effective as this product. it has truly changed my life and i enthusiastically recommend it to everyone struggling with similar concerns


finally my digestive system is a harmony.thanks to this remarkable product. it alleviated the issues that have impacted my quality of life for years, and i could not be more grateful , i feel like renewed version of myself, full of vitality and well-being

complete relief

i no longer have to worry about acidity,bloating or discomfort,constipation. my digestive system has undergone a profound positive change I am genuinely impressed with these medicine this product helping me allot, feel more active throughout the day. i have struggled with a sensitive stomach for years and it always left me feeling uncomfortable and uneasy . i started taking this medicine my gut has become much calmer and more balanced.