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by Dr Vaid Ji on Dec 12, 2023



Pollution ,  allergens are increasing day by day and causing many health problems , among all health problems our skin is the most precious and sensetive thing we have .And when our skin comes in contact with any allergens then rashes and pustules forms on our body . Infact sometimes they also form by coming in contact with other  infected person having skin rashes and itching .


 Contact word is used for describing that if we are coming in contact with any type of allergens for which our white blood cells are responding then this means that our body is responding in the form of rashes and  inflammation .Other things which cause allergy are

Plants or parts of a plant (botanicals), like poison ivy.

Skin care products with fragrances.

Metals, such as nickel.

Medications, including antibiotics.

Preservatives or chemicals.


Cleaning products.

Body fluids, including urine and saliva.

Plants, like poinsettias and peppers.

Hair dyes.

Nail polish remover or other solvents.

Paints and varnishes.

Soaps or detergents.

Resins, plastics and epoxies.



Skin rashes

First skin will be red then purple and then darker then the natural skin tone.

Bumpy skin with small cluster of pimples or blisters .

Swollen skin with redness all around and inflammation all around .

 Fluid ozzing out from pimples and pustules

Itchy skin

Redness skin over skin

Flaky or scaly skin

Painful and burning sensation over the affected area.

If the wound or pimple got burst then infection can spread and more pain can occur .





weather extremes

oily skin

infrequent shampooing

alcohol-based lotions aggravate this harmless but bothersome condition


This dermatitis can lead to many complications as like infection .

And if we continously scratch the affected area  then it  cause  it to become wet and oozing.



Ayurvedic herbs to address dermatitis

ASHWAGANDHA : This have antibacterial properties that keeps the infection away .This also sooths the flaky and scaly skin .This is very useful for dry skin. According to ayurveda dermatitis occur due to vata dosha.

MANJISTHA : this is very helpful for balancing the pitta dosha and kapha dosha . this provides instant relief from inflammation and itchiness . this have antibacterial  properties . this can be used topically as well as orally .

 Anti-inflammatory herbs to treat dermatitis

TRIPHALA : this have antiinflammatory properties that is very useful in case of dermatitis to resolve the problem of dermatitis .this contains antioxidants so it wil help the skin to recover more easily and fastly .

METHI : as we know methi is ver useful for promoting the digestive system and metabolism.this helps to heal your body from within and also it sooths the dry skin of your body .

SANDALWOOD: this has very significant role for maintaining  the glow of the skin. Applying the sandlwood paste on your skin will help in improvments of blisters and fluid accumulation .

 SHATAVARI : this is known for its anti inflammatory property so it is also used im dermatitis .

Antibacterial herbs for dermatitis treatment

NEEM:  neem is widely known for anti inflammatory and t antibacterial property . applying the paste of neem formed by leafs on face will help in case of dermatitis .

TULSI :  this herb have antifungal  as well as anti bacterial property . this can be given with the combination of neem for  the treatment of the skin. This is helpful; for preventing scars .

TURMERIC :  this contains antiseptic ,anti inflammotry , and antibacterial property .