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by Dr Vaid Ji on Feb 22, 2024



Lipoma is a lump of fat between the skin and the underlying muscle layer. Lipoma grow slowly, are benign and harmless. It’s round or oval shaped mass of tissue that grows just below the layer of skin. It is most easily made up of fat when you touch it. It is common in the adults between the ages of 40 and 60.

Types of lipoma

Angiolipoma: This type contains fat and blood vessels. Angiolipomas are often painful.

Conventional: It is the most common type of lipoma which contains white blood cells. White fat cells store energy.

Fibrolipoma: Fat and fibrous make up this type of lipoma.

Hibernoma: This type of lipoma contains brown fat. Most other lipomas contain white fat. Brown fat cell generate heat and help regulate body temperature.

Myelolipoma: These lipoma contain fat and tissues that produce blood cells.

Pleomorphic: These lipomas have fat cells of various size and shapes.

Spindlecell: In this lipoma the fat cells are longer than they are wide.

Causes of lipoma

  • Genetic causes
  • Dercum’s disease
  • Gardner syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Liver disorder
  • Fatty food Hormonal imbalance

Symptoms of lipoma

  • Feel soft and mushy
  • A lump just under your skin
  • Colour less and grow slowly
  • Painless but sometime it’s painful
  • It can appear any part of the body. Usually, they are appear on the neck, shoulders, back, arms, abdomen and thighs
  • Oval and round shaped fatty lumps
  • When finger pressure is applied , it starts moving here and there

Diet and lifestyle modifications:

  • Reduction in red meat in the diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Consuming lemon juice
  • Practice stress management
  • Do yoga, meditation and deep breathing
  • Consuming foods that reduce inflammation such as turmeric, spinach, nuts, garlic
  • Avoid fatty foods
  • Avoid dairy products
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Consumption of nuts and seeds
  • Eating antioxidant rich fresh fruits and vegetables can help to reduce fat storage.
  • Avoid sugar rich foods, processed and packaged foods

Ayurveda treatment for lipoma

In Ayurveda, lipoma can be correlated with Medoj granthi roga. According to Ayurveda vitiated Vata and Meda enter with kapha is the reason for lipoma. It occurs in the sixth layer of skin. Ayurveda is a holistic approach for the treatment of all the diseases, so ayurveda mainly aims to treat the root cause. So it’s important to balance the vitiated doshas.

Panchakarma treatment for lipoma

Ayurveda treatment involves body purification with panchakarnma treatments like Virechana (purgation) Basti (Anuvasana, niruh or kala basti) Abhyanaga, Udvartan, Lepam, Prishek and Nadi swedana recommended to balance the doshas and support overall detoxification.

Single herbs that used in lipoma are:







Best ayurvedic herbs used to treat Lipoma


Turmeric can be used to get relief the problem of lipoma. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These all properties prove helpful in reducing swelling.


It is very effective in getting rid of disease like lipoma. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing swelling. Lemon helps in removing fat lumps

Apple cider vinegar

It detoxifies the body and strengthens the immunity. Blood circulation can be improved with the help of apple cider vinegar


One of the most effective herb that remove the lump formed on any part of the body is the fresh and dry bark of kanchnar. Take one glass of water after that boil the crushed kanchnar add in the water and boiled it for 2 minute. Now filter this water and consume this water twice a day

Management of Lipoma according to Chandigarh Ayurveda center

Lipoma Care Kit






Kapha Balance Tablet

60 tablets


Trikatu Syrup

3 bottles


Kanchnar Guggulu

60 tablets


Nerve Up Tablet

60 tablets


Ortho Care Oil

1 pack


  1. Kapha Balance Tablet:

Kapha tablet is a healthy blend of herbs formulated to balance Kapha doshas without aggravating Pitta and Vata doshas. It can also be used to alleviate any temporary Kapha imbalance. It is very effective in Kapha season that is late winter and spring. It consists of warming and astringent herbs that help to balance the system throughout the cold season. The main use of Kapha tablets is to remove excess Kapha doshas from the system and helps in the management of weight, healthy lungs, and the immune system.

  1. Trikatu Syrup:

Trikatu combines the goodness of Black pepper, Ginger and, Long pepper to create an herbal remedy for digestive ailments, sluggish metabolism, obesity, and high cholesterol. This syrup has best results in anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and expectorant. It also help to tackle the weight problems or obesity. It can modulate your body’s immune response while cutting the characteristic inflammation associated with the back pain.

Recommended Dosage –Take 2 teaspoonful twice a day before meal with normal water.

  1. Kanchnaar Guggulu:

Kanchnaar guggulu is considered as the best medicine for skin problems such as wounds, pimples, boils, etc. The tablet is composed of Kanchnaar (Bauhinia variegata), Pippali (Piper longum), Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), Guggulu (Commiphora mukul), Twak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), etc. These tablets pacifies all the three doshas and helps in reducing the symptoms of pimples. This medicine checks and treats any kind of abnormal growth in the body, healing of ulcers, thyroid disorders, hernia, lesions and cancer. All kind of unwanted growth and fluid retentions in the body is treated by Kanchnar Guggul and it reduces all kinds of lumps in the body.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily with normal water.

  1. Nerve up tablet

These tablets are pure ayurvedic formulation. Nerve up tablets help in balancing the vata doshas and kapha dosha. It acts as nervine stimulant. It shows effective results in improving the central nervous system. It contains natural ingredients like shudha kuchala, shudha shilajeet, praval pishti, shankh bhasma etc. This tablet helps in Backache, knee pain, headache, bronchitis, depression.

Recommended Dosage– Take 1 tablet twice daily.

  1. Orthocare Oil

CAC ortho care oil is ayurvedic and purely herbal formulation. It helps to relax your muscles, joint pain and muscles cramps thus helpful in relieving pain. It balances all the three doshas of your body thus maintaining proper blood circulation. It provides soothing effect to the affected area of pain. It contains various combinations like Mahanarayan Tail, Mahavishgarbh tail, Laxadi tail etc. All these are natural pain relievers and having anti-inflammatory properties.

Method of Applying: Rub this roller onto your skin where you feel pain, then massage for few minutes.