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PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)

by Dr Vaid Ji on Feb 05, 2024

PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)


Premenstrual syndrome is the cyclic appearance of physical emotional and behavioral symptoms that occurs during the luteal phase of menstrual cycle.  It is very common concern. Younger and middle aged women are more likely to experience PMS. 

Premenstrual syndrome causes

PMS is more often caused by women who:

  • Have a high level of stress
  • High Anxiety level
  • Depression
  • Hormones imbalance
  • Having excess salty and spicy food
  • Saying awake at night
  • Obesity
  • Low endorphin level
  • Nutritional cause
  • Intake caffeine or alcohol in excess

PMS Symptoms:

Psychological symptoms: Depressed mood, stress, confusion, decrease self- esteem, anxiety

Pain: Breast tenderness, joint and muscular pain, headache, backache, pelvic pain

Gastrointestinal: Sweating, diarrhea, Palpation, Nausea etc.

Fluid retention: Edema, weight gain, boating, reduced urination etc.

Skin: Dry hair, greasy hair, acne, oily skin

Nervous system: Lethargy, hypersomnia, vertigo, insomnia

Ayurvedic treatment for premenstrual syndrome:

As per Ayurveda the cause of the PMS is categorized based on the increased involvement of doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha), More specifically Apana Vata. It is located in the lower pelvic region and is responsible for elimination of blood, urine, stool, reproductive fluids. PMS correlated with Aartava Dushti (menstrual disorder)

The pre- menstrual syndrome can be successfully treated with Ayurveda by following some lifestyle modification and treatment modalities.

Panchakarma therapies: Panchakarma therapies help in detoxification thereby removing blockage and restoring balance of the doshas.


Ayurvedic massage with lukewarm medicated oil helps to balance all the doshas, especially Vata. It improves circulation, removers blockage in channels of menstruation.

Swedana (Nadi swedam,sankara swedam)

Swedana is praised for its relaxing, and detoxifying effects all through the chemical ayurvedic texts.


It is best for providing rest your nervous system and make sure you sleep sound and wakeup energetic and positive.


It helps in mood swings and anxiety. Thereby helping in relaxation and stress relief.

Basti (Ayurvedic enema): Especially anuvasana bast (Unctuous enema)  Uttra Basti (Intra urethral enema) are beneficial. As vata dosha is vitiated in all gynecological problems ,Basti is the best therapy for balance vata dosha.

Herbs use in premenstrual syndrome:

Lodhra(Symplocos racemosa)

It is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, that can help to reduce symptoms of premature syndrome. Such as a cramps,mood swings, breast tenderness, bloating and help tp balance hormone level.

Ashoka(Saraca asoca)

It helps to managing problems related menstruation like irregular periods, PMS, stomach pain, cramps etc.

Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)

Coconut (Cocos nucifera)

Rich in electrolytes and vitamins, this natural beverage promotes radiant skin, balance hormone and may relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are rich in fibers work as diuretics and improve metabolism, and regulate your menses and also relieve period cramps


Yoga for Premenstrual syndrome:





Supta baddha Konasana(Supine Butterfly Pose)

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Take Takra (Buttermilk) with a pintch of methi powder and Hingu (Asafoetida).This relieves muscular cramps.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and salt, sugar as much as you can.
  • Avoid intake of excess amount of tamarind, pickle etc.
  • Avoid intake of pitta aggravating factors like sour, salty, and spicy food.
  • Consume satavik diet- The diet which is laghu, easy to digest, prepared freshly.
  • Hydrate your body, Include coconut water, almonds pomegranate, apple, banana, plums, and leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink lukewarm water it helps to ease your abdominal cramps problem.
  • Practice pranayama, yoga, meditation regularly.

Chandigarh Ayurveda center made a special kit for Premenstrual syndrome. It is made up of pure herbal medicines .The name of the kit isPremenstrual syndrome care kit”

Premenstrual Syndrome Care kit

S. No.




Kanchnar Guggulu Tablets

60 Tablets


Detox Premium Powder

60 Packets


Women Champion Syrup

3 Bottles


Femine Care Tablets

60 Tablets


Women Power Plus Tablet

60 Tablets


All products description in detail:

1) Kanchnar Guggul:

CAC Kanchnar Guggul is an Ayurvedic and Herbal medicine. It is available in the form of a tablet and it is to be taken orally. They are processed by decreasing the decoction of vegetable substances to a thick density and after pouring some powders for creating a pill mass. CAC Kanchnar guggul is pure herbal medicines which checks and treats any kind of abnormal growth in the body, healing of ulcers, thyroid disorders, hernia, lesions and cancer.

Recommended Dosage – Take 1 tablet twice daily.

2) Detox Premium Powder:

Detox premium powder contain herbo-mineral ingredients like jahar mohra, akik pishti, gandhak rasayan, tal sindoor, sutshekhar ras, shwet parpati, kamdudha ras, giloy satav, etc. It helps in removing overall toxins from the body, reduces abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, anxiety, etc.

Recommended dosage: Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water.

3) Women Champion Syrup:

CAC Woman Champion is purely herbal and ayurvedic formulation. It is a very effective tonic for women and help to maintain their health. It balances all the doshas of body and also maintain hormone levels. It contains herbs like Lodhra, Manjishta, Ashok chaal, Punarnava,Shatavar,Bala,Daruharidra,Nagarmotha that help women typically with mood changes, stress, headache and pain.

Recommended dosage: Take 2 teaspoonful twice daily.

4) Femine care tablet:

Femine care tablet is a pure and natural remedy that contains various herbs extract that works on the female reproductive system and make it healthy. These tablets show antioxidant properties, anti inflamatory and immuno modulater properties. These tablet contains ingredients like Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera), Muramakki (Commiphora myrah), Sonth (Zingiber Officinale), Hara Kasis. These tablets are beneficial for PCOD, Bulky uterus, Endometriosis, irregular menses, uterine fibroids and improvs general health of females.

Recommended Dosage: Take one tablet twice daily.

5) Women power plus tablet:

woman power plus tablet is a complete natural health supplement for women which is best for female health and vital energy. It helps to build up the immunity. This is a pure herbo mineral product of the best quality herbs. It works well in the reproductive system and other health-related disorders. This tablet contains ingredients like Rajah pravarthini vati, Femine care tablet, Shatavar extract, Ashoka chall extract   Ashwagandha extract, Giloy extract, Anantmool extract, Chandan Safed powder, Kukkutandwaka bhasam, Jeera extract, Safed musli extract, Shiviling extract, Dhatphool extract, Palash phool extract, Brahmi extract, Jatamansi extract, etc. These herbs have the potential to improve female health.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily.